We help people reclaim their space!

Small or partial loads are no problem! Make a pile of trash and we will gladly come and give you a quote and haul it away. We will clean up your garbage with our Hand Pickup Service or we can supply you with a 15yd or 30yd Disposal Bin at your request. (Within a 150 km radius of Saskatoon)

New Home Builders - Len's Hauling provides services for many large and small home builders in the Saskatoon and surrounding areas. We realize how difficult it can be to coordinate the different trades’ people. If you need some garbage hauled away quickly...call us! We are garbage haulers and stress relievers. There is no such thing as short notice when you call us. Let the tradespeople do their work! We will rent, deliver and set up 6' temporary fencing. We can provide 15 yard bins or provide cages for manual site cleanup with our excellent hand pick-up teams.

Contractors - We can provide you with Hand Pickup Service or provide a Disposal Bin/Trailer at your work location for your larger projects. We can provide 15 and 30 yard bins as well as our excellent site clean up service.

Property Management Companies/Owners - Need a house, apartment or rental property cleaned out? We will gladly help you by cleaning out the property. We have done many jobs from cleaning out small apartments to cleaning out an entire house. Let us relieve some stress and handle the garbage for you.



Samples of items we have taken away:

• Junk, Old Furniture, Mattresses and other "Stuff" that just seems to collect over the years...even freezers that quit working and were full of food!
• Appliances: Stoves, dishwashers, freezers, washers / dryers etc.
• Organic Yard Waste: Grass Clippings, Branches, Brush etc.
• Renovation Debris: Carpet, Wood Studs, Drywall etc.
• Linoleum or other floor coverings, except those containing Asbestos.
• Paper, Boxes, and other related items.
• Metal Based products such as BBQ's, and Patio Furniture.

Special consideration items (items NOT allowed in disposal bins): Used oil (in sealed containers), batteries, propane tanks, tires. We will gladly haul these items away for you if you prearrange with us at the time of your call/appointment.

Disposal Bin Rentals: In addition to general waste and construction waste, furniture, and mattresses; we do allow small quanities (5-7yd MAX) sand, asphalt, gravel, sod and rocks. For LARGE amounts of clean dirt, concrete (5-7yd MAX), and shingles; you must rent a separate bin.  Please refer to our Bin Rental FAQ page for futher instructions. 

*any other items not listed here, please call us to confirm what you may put in the disposal bin*

For large amounts of used asphalt shingles if you put only shingles in, you may receive a discount as we can recycle the shingles if they are kept clean of other waste..

Len's Cages: Intended for New Construction Projects where demolition material is minimal. Or where there is no room for a large bin. Cages simply free up our roll-off bins for projects that produce a lot of waste right off the get-go. Such as a re-roof or demolition project.  


Paint, solvents or household chemicals - We will haul away small quantities. Please refer to the City of Saskatoon website for drop off days and locations if you like to drop off your own.

*All containers containing liquids must be in a properly sealed container, no need to stash any items in a box or bag. We prefer to know what we are hauling and have no problem doing our part to help the environment. Industrial quantities should arrange other means of disposal.

*Len's Hauling is a hand loading company...any items of excessive weight should be cut into two-man chunks, such as tree stumps, and blocks of concrete...use common sense as a guide.

Visit our Terms and Conditions page for further details.
Please visit our FAQ and Bin Rental FAQ pages for further information.