Q. What kind of Bins do you offer?

A. We offer 15yd, 30yd disposal bins, as shown above, and our new Len's Cages (when required; for Home Builders). Dump trailers for roofers.

Q. What kind of materials can I put in the bin?

A. You may put general waste, construction waste, furniture, mattresses, concrete, dirt, shingles and sod etc. For LARGE amounts of shingles, clean dirt or concrete, we ask you to rent a separate bin, as we have to follow truck and road weight restrictions + bins filled with only material such as concrete, dirt, sand aggregate material may have no dump fees applied. These bins can be taken to separate recycling facilities. Please do not mix these materials with other waste. If unsure, please call 306-241-0821 before filling bin. All materials must be distributed in the bin evenly, and must be even with the top of bin, see pictures below.

Q. How high can I fill the bin?

A. Please keep the load level with the top of the bin. Our tarp systems are only 8ft wide and for the safety of our employees and transporting purposes they must be level so the tarp can be placed on top of the bin. This also prevents trash from flying out of the bin while transporting to the landfill.


15-Yard Bin

15-Yard Bin

Q. How long can I rent the bin for?

A. Please contact us at 306-241-0821 for details. Extra time is allowed if we have extra bins available (during non-peak time months). Standard time limits: Please Text Len for Details. (subject to change please ask for more info)

Q. Can you use the bins for sand, clean concrete, asphalt, sod, gravel, rocks or dirt?

A. Yes, in addition to general waste and construction waste, we do allow small quantities (under 5yd) sand, clean concrete, asphalt, gravel, sod and rocks. For LARGE amounts of shingles, gravel, clean dirt or concrete (5-7yd MAX), we ask you to rent a separate bin, as we have to follow truck and road weight restrictions. Any other items not listed here, please call us to confirm what you may put in the disposal bin.

Q. Can I put a large appliance in the bin (e.g. fridge, freezer, stove, etc)?

A. Yes, you can put large appliances in the bins, as long as it’s not buried under any garbage so it can be removed as easily as possible at a separate recycling area at the landfill. Extra charges do apply.

Q. Do you supply lids to keep others from using my bin?

A. Currently No, we suggest you purchase an inexpensive tarp from a hardware store, this usually discourages others from using your bin.

Q. I have no driveway; can I put the bin on my lawn?

A. We can place the bin on your lawn; however, the bin will leave marks or sink into the ground if the ground is wet. We cannot take responsibility for any damage this may cause in such a case.

Q. Do you need a deposit?

A. Yes and no. Yes if you're a new Customer you will need to pay a deposit via Credit Card or e-Transfer for our Disposal Bins, and Hand Pick-Up jobs. Established customers don’t require a deposit

30-Yard Bin


Q. What are your rental fees?

A. Please use our Contact Page for a disposal bin rental quote (We cannot give quote over e-mail for hand pickup jobs). Our crews can come to you and provide a FREE quote. Please call for an appointment, 306-241-0821

Prohibited materials include: batteries, tires, feces, hazardous waste, animal carcass, all liquids, flammables, aerosol cans, and chemicals.

Special materials: Railroad ties must be put on top of bin and include a $50 extra charge for each railroad tie.

Please feel free to Text us at: 306-241-0821

Incorrect Way To Load Bin

Incorrect Way To Load Bin