Len's Hauling Business Philosophy

Len's Hauling operates according to the following values and guiding principles:

Meaningful Business Relationships: We seek to establish and develop long-term relationships with our suppliers, clients and customers that are driven by mutual focus and mutual respect.

Integrity: All dealings with clients and customers will be honest, sincere, ethical, and straightforward. We will do what we say and we will strive for client and customer satisfaction at all times.

Commitment: We ask our clients and customers what they want in their garbage removal needs, we listen, and will do our best to meet or beat those needs.

Our Promise: We price our service on the value it provides to the client and customer. We will do this by maintaining profitability so we can continue to provide this value well into the future.



Our Hauling history:

1998 - I picked a card off of the student employment job board at downtown saskatoons Scotia Center. Was at the Center only to pay a sasktel invoice. Didn’t know about a student employment Center coming from a small town. That card said “ need help loading truck. Call Brent - haul anything. “

1998- 2000
Part time summer helper for Brent Lindgren who called his junk hauling business , Haul Anything.  Brent’s famous words “ were not making any money today! , lol “

2001 - purchased Brent's 1978 Ford F-350 for $5000 in April. Affectionately known as "old blue" Ran the business in a part time roll with various friends as part time helpers.

Spring 2003 - was called by Len Foth, const manager for Fraser Homes, after his hauling company went on vacation and didn’t let him know. Began cleaning up for Fraser homes immediately. With Fraser homes and Len Foths commitment to using to My services full time and with my customer base continuing to grow, I immediately quit my electricians apprenticeship, 2 weeks before taking 4th year schooling , and registered Len’s hauling Ltd. as my full time business simply because I enjoyed the work , the money and the people. Worked with a variety of friends as part time helpers for a few years. Most noticeably , the Bulldozer - Len Bortnak, whom was my neighbour.

2005 - purchased one of the cities first trailtech dump trailers from flaman sales. $12,000 trailer being pulled by a $5,000 truck. Don’t see that very often. Haha.

2006 - purchased 1986 Chevy 3500 dump truck aka The White Beast and hired Keith Skilnick (great friend and roommate ) as my first full time employee.



2007 - business increased enough to hire my brother Jason Curtin and great friend Len Bortnak full time. Then took the risk of financing two 2008 f350s ( finally had a radio that worked ) and another dump trailer. I couldn’t believe how easily pulling the trailers became with the new trucks. And the trucks became a great office to work from.

2008 - incorporated "Lens hauling"
This is the year I purchased my first 18 bins from China and a 1990 L9000 bin rolloff truck from Henry at CanAm in Delisle,SK. to compliment the hand pickup side of things. Tory Fraser from Fraser homes needed a bin for a new build in Martensville which was a major push in getting us into Rolloff bins as well. Thankyou to the city of martensville for enforcing their bylaws that require a bin on site. The rest is history 🙂


2012 - added Cages to our services in response to our home building customers needs for garbage containment where a bin was not wanted or necessary and to free up Rolloff bins for sites that needed them more.

2014 - added temporary fencing to our services to meet our customer needs as the City began requiring fencing at all construction sites

2017 - began recycling asphalt shingles to meet our customers needs for quicker service and with landfill fees doubling in 4 years, it made sense.

2018 - began providing skidsteer , demolition , and snow removal service with the equipment needed for our recycling operation.

2020 - Attended our first SARM conference – promoting the use of Recycled Asphalt Shingles (RAS) for safer dust free gravel roads / streets.

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